$60+ — Gel Nails
$60+ — Overlay
$55+ — New Set of Acrylic Nails
$60+ — New Set of Gel Nails
$45+ — Nail Fill Acrylic
$48+ — Nail Fill Gel
$6+ — Nail Repair
$25+ — Manicure
$28+ — French Manicure
$35+ — Shellac Manicure
$10+ — Shellac Removal
$25+ — Shellac Reapplied
$30+ — Ultimate Manicure (with paraffin hot wax)
$30+ — Remove Nails (without manicure)
$25 — Remove Nails (with manicure)
$15 — Cuticle Cut
$15 — Nail Cut
$15 — Regular Polish Change
$17 — French Polish Change
$5 — Nail Art
$60 — Therma Spa Pedicure (with paraffin hot wax)
$65 — Shellac Pedicure
$50 — Spa Pedicure
$55 — French Spa Pedicure
$65 — Ultimate Spa Pedicure (includes mud wrap)

* Call in for more information.

Z-Ion Foot Spa

Self-contained high-tech water detoxification system that allows the body to cleanse itself naturally by drawing out toxins.

Natural Herbal Cream Preparation

Removes warts, moles, and other skin growths without causing any irritation to the skin.

Spa Pedicure

This service includes removal of callus skin, trimming of cuticles and shaping toe nails, finishing with foot and leg massage and polish.

Therma Spa Pedicure

Same as Spa Pedicure, with hydrating hot paraffin wax.

Ultimate Spa Pedicure

Same as Therma Spa Pedicure, with exfoliating and detoxifying mud wrap.


This service includes trimming of cuticles, shaping of nails, massage and polish.

Therma Manicure

Same as Manicure, with hydrating hot paraffin wax.

Ultimate Manicure

Same as Therma Manicure, with exfoliating detoxifying mud wrap.

$12+— Brow Shaping or Threading
$10 — Lip
$12 — Chin
$15 — Full Jaw Line
$30+ — Facial Wax (Not including brow or lip)
$40 — Half Leg Upper
$35 — Half Leg Lower
$70 — Full Leg with Bikini
$90+ — Full Leg with Brazilian
$30+ — Bikini Line
$48 — Brazillian
$15 — Underarm
$25 — Half Arm
$35+ — Full Arm
$50+ — Chest and/or Back

* Call in for pricing.

Body Contouring

Lose inches in just 45 minutes! Tone, tighten and firm your skin. Excellent for cellulite prone areas Results are immediate and progressive.

Rainforest Body Scrub Treatment

This treatment combines an exfoliating Dead Sea mineral scrub, the Vichy shower, and an essential oil massage to relieve tension, enhance circulation and detoxify and moisturize the body.

Body Mud Wrap

After exfoliation with therapeutic salts and a relaxing massage, the body is detoxified with a Dead Sea mud wrap and essential oils. This is followed by a Vichy shower. These combined services restore balance and harmony to dry and sensitive skin, while providing stress relief. The mud wrap may be substituted with a golden mask and foils.